Guru Sukdeo

I was experiencing financial difficulty and was considering retiring in order to settle debts.  I was concerned about whether I would be able to settle all the debt.  I was also worried that the money left over may not be enough for my family and I to live comfortably.

I was referred to Dhevan Naicker by my work colleague.

When my family and I first met Dhevan, he listened to everything I had to say.  He made notes and said he would get back to us once he had formulated a plan.  On our next meeting, he explained how we could settle all our debt and still have enough to live comfortably.

My family and I were delighted.

Dhevan went a step further and made certain that all my debts were settled.  He called me regularly to follow up and made certain that I gave him proof.  I liked that he held me accountable and that he was more than just someone who wanted to invest my money.

Dhevan is like family to me now.  He gives me an update every month and I am blessed to have someone as trustworthy as him looking after my finances.  I know that he will continue to care for my family when I am no longer around.