Eric Van Zyl

I had met with several consultants because I wanted to do my homework before I decided on a retirement plan.  I was about to give my approval to a consultant when one of my colleagues suggested I meet with Dhevan Naicker.

I’m glad I did!!

Dhevan requested that my wife be present for the meeting.  He mentioned that if anything would happen to me, she would need to know how the policy worked and who to contact.  I appreciated his thinking.

He explained things in a way my wife and I could understand and he showed me how to save on tax.  In fact, he showed me how to pay no tax on the lump sum I could take from my Pension Fund.

He also helped me plan my budget and reduce my expenses. He assured me that this was a partnership and he would like to be there for me and my family for years and years to come.

He knew exactly what paperwork was needed and how to complete it and he gave me regular updates on the progress of my application.

I am happy with my investment because my money is growing and I don’t have to be concerned about how the markets perform.