Daniel Reddy

At the time of my retirement, I had over 34 years of service in the South African Police Service.

As a member of the GEPF, if I chose to retire, I would receive an income for as long as I lived.  Upon my passing, my wife would only receive 50% of my income and upon her passing my children would not receive anything.

On the other hand, if I took my money out of the GEPF and invested it, my family would obtain the entire amount upon my passing.  However, I was concerned about the markets and the potential risk involved.

Choosing whether to retire or resign was extremely stressful for me.  My family depended on my income and I needed to know I had made the best decision for all of us.

I met Dhevan Naicker in March 2015.

From our first meeting, it was clear that he was sincere and had my best interests at heart.  He thoroughly explained the concepts to me, being sure I understood everything.

We had several meetings and I never felt rushed into signing anything and he made certain we were 100% happy before he began investing.

He kept me up to date with the progress of my application and every month, I receive a statement of my investments, which I am pleased to say has grown, even with me receiving an income.