If You Are Resigning From GEPF, Make The Most Of It

Do you remember playing with plasticine?

It’s soft and flexible and you can mould it into anything you like.

This is exactly what resignation can do for you!!

Unlike retirement, where GEPF determines your income and gratuity, with resignation you decide!  You are in control of your money.

Due to the nature of the financial services industry, consultants will want to invest your money.  However, planning for GEPF members is more complex than the private sector.  Proper resignation planning is a specialised service.  Many GEPF members have lost thousands of their hard-earned money to tax and poor advice.

This is exactly why I created Retirement Wellness.  My intention is to help GEPF members make the most of their resignation.  My qualifications are of no benefit if I cannot use them to help people.

Although I have created great solutions for GEPF members, you are unique.  The more time we spend together, the better the plan I can create for you.  Like plasticine, the plans I create for you will be moulded around the life you want to live after resigning.  You only invest when we have identified the path that is perfect for you and your family.

Best of all, the savings I generate for you in taxes will easily cover my professional advice fee.  In this way, I become a partner to your success and not an expense.

It doesn’t end there.  Every year in your resignation will be different.  I will adjust your plan to ensure you continue to extract maximum benefit.

Contact me to make your resignation count.

031 502 5661 / 084 44 44 686